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kevin mccall – aquafina testo

attendere prego...

[verse 1:]
it’s k-mac b-tches
picture me slowly climbing in your bed girl
pullin the sheets from off of your body
and all you got is your underwear on
that’s the way i like it yeah
but girl you know i like it even better when it’s nothing at all
if you got your clothes on take them off

girl you know you turn me on
wetter than a waterfall
feenin’ for your water babe
let me turn on your sprinkler system

you know i got a fetish for water
i’ma have your body drippin on me
girl it’s like i’m going under water
girl you got that aquafina
i know how to turn you on
late at night or in the morning
it’s on automatic like a sprinkler
girl you got that aquafina

[verse 2:]
whoa na na na
flowing down your river
legs starting to shiver
cause you can’t take no more (take no more)
cause i’ma hit it til i can’t no more
dive into your ocean of love
won’t you try to wait for me
i’m happy that you came for me
put it on me babe
drive me crazy
turn the faucet on all the way


[chorus 2x]

- kevin mccall testo

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