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k naan – take a minute testo

attendere prego...

how did mandela get the will to surp-ss the everyday
when injustice had him caged and trapped in every way?
how did gandhi ever withstand the hunger-strikes at all?
didn’t do it to gain power or money if i recall. it’s the gift,
i guess i’ll p-ss it on, mother thinks it’ll lift the stress of babylon
my mother knows, my mother she suffered blows
i don’t know how we survived such violent episodes
i was so worried, it hurt to see you bleed,
but as soons as you came out the hospital you gave me sweets yea,
they tried to take you from me, but you still only gave ’em some prayers and sympathy
dear mama, you helped me write this
by showing me to give is priceless

and any man who knows a thing
knows he knows not a d-mn, d-mn thing at all
and every time i felt the hurtin’
i felt the givin’ gettin’ me up off the wall
i’m just gonna take a minute to let it ride
i’m just gonna take a minute and let it breathe
i’m just gonna take a minute to let it ride
i’m just gonna take a minute and let it breathe

all i can say is, the worst is over now
we can serve the hard times, divorce is over now
they try to keep us out, but they doors is open now
my n-gg- akon is gettin’ awards and covers now
this k’naan, and still reppin’ the s
comin’ out of muqdisho and still draped in the mess
and no matter how we strong homie
it ain’t easy comin’ out of where we from homie
and it’s the reason why i can never play phony
“tell ’em the truth” is what my dead homies told me, ooh yeah
i take inspiration from the most heinous of situations
creatin’ medication out my own tribulations
dear africa, you helped me write this
by showin’ me to give is pricless


nothin’ is perfect man, that’s what the world is
all i know is
i’m enjoyin’ today, you know
’cause it ain’t every day that you get to give


- k naan testo

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