joss stone – nothing takes the place of you testo

attendere prego...

i moved your picture
from my walls
and i replaced them
both large and small

and each new day
finds me so blue
nothing nothing
takes the place of you

i read your letters
one by one
and i still love you
when it’s all said and done

and oh, my darling,
i’m so blue
because nothing, oh nothing
takes the place of you

i, i write this letter
it’s raining on my window pane
and i feel the need of you
because without you
nothing seems the same

so i’ll wait
until you’re home in my arms
and, again i’ll love you
yes i will
but i’m all alone
i’m all alone

and oh my darling
i’m so blue
because nothing
oh nothing, could take the place of you.

mmm… nothing baby… nothing…

- joss stone testo

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