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jonny diaz – soon she will run testo

attendere prego...

she sits and stares through a window pane
on a rainy august day
her strength is erased from years gone by
and her hair has long been grey

her company is the memories
but even those decay
her children were gone the moment that
her mind began to fade

but through all the fear she dreams of a home
that she’s never seen but soon she will know

soon she will run on fields of green
and never wake up from her dreams
embrace with joy the mysteries
of beautiful that she’s never seen
soon she will run

big brown eyes and messy hair
little boy wild confined to a chair
the cancer has spread and there’s not much time
he’s struggling through eight and hoping for nine

he waves to his friends as they play in the yard
love can be soft but life can be hard

run and not tire for his life’s just begun
and for so long he’s battled and finally he’s won
over pain and the fear that for so long he’s known
oh but peacefully now he is headed for home

- jonny diaz testo

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