joe budden – angel in my life testo

attendere prego...

[verse 1]
let’s look behind the swarovski crystals
behind the .50 calibers and the pistols
misused, pardoned self got to excuse, my issues
for me to have you a ritual
but, i ain’t as crazy as i seem to be
it’s just that nothin’ is the way that is seem’s to me
im feelin’ less then, druggin’ him up with anti-depressents
in essence im threatenin my character asessment
truth told, i figure a few hoe’s
mixed with some new clothes should cover my loop holes
if i’m misundersttod or mis-guided
started when they p-ssed the l’ said ‘just try it’
when i don’t wanna get out of bed i just fight it
sometimes i don’t eat for days i just diet
only live once so if i just like it
i aint even checkin’ the price, i just buy sh-t
i’m thinkin that will just hide it
but all it takes is life to ignite sh-t
i’m thinkin’ bout death wonderin’ how i’m gonna go
i can’t be insane for just wantin’ to know
in my head i die often, i used to think of suicide often
good suit on and a nice coffin
but, that ain’t somethin’ i would try myself
still they lock me in this room all by myself
i need a… think i need a…..


[verse 2]
they say my symptoms are aggressive
they t-tled me a compulsive obsessive slash manic depressive
they trying to tell i’m a con and i game n-gg-s
that’s one reason i dont even entertain n-gg-s
not important who they are i won’t name n-gg-s
they like to say i got a tendency to blame n-gg-s
i keep f-ckin’ sh-t up but keep tryin’
if ya’ll would just trust me i wouldn’t just keep lyin’
if i had bread i wouldn’t be in debt
let me clarify get in def
i feel like every time i been less
when ever i invest whenever i inset i feel i’m innept
i try to make them understand but they just won’t incept
i tell them four million others i am the templed
there ain’t no book that tells a story there ain’t no index
we got some different type of cuts and no they ain’t princess
all this indigest seemingly in less
how i take in stress when i always went best
aching in my chest and yet it still won’t break me
they say the room is padded for my own safety
but the cushion don’t soften sh-t
they locked the door but still they let my thoughts in it
and no one can tell me why i’m here
i can’t even see the sky from here
i guess my time is near

- joe budden testo

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