jesse lee – cry baby testo

attendere prego...

there’s two sides to a penny
two sides to every story
big heads and tall tales
and who gets the glory
tell your mama i’m crazy
tell your daddy i’m a liar
tell your no good buddies
i’m a black widow spider
paint them all a pretty picture
wrapped in a neat little lie
go on and cry, cry

cry baby
go on and let it all out
and don’t you dare ask
why baby
’cause you made your bed hard
and now you’re gonna lie in it
alone tonight
while you cry, cry baby

well i don’t need you
and i sure don’t need this
there’s just so much about you
i ain’t gonna miss
like how good i was
how good you were
how i gave you my heart
and it came back burned
so let that steele guitar
and the clouds in the sky
oh let them cry, cry

(repeat chorus 2x)

go on and cry
cry baby yeah yeah
you can just cry baby
cry baby

- jesse lee testo

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