jayo sama – zumb freestyle testo

attendere prego...

[intro: jayo sama]
hold up, yeah

[verse 1: jayo sama]
when it come to beef we don’t rock ’bout it
all we know is pull up and just clap ’bout it
none of my n-ggas hit lap ’round me
hollerin’ ’bout smoke, you get whacked ’bout it
once them n-ggas slip we gon’ hit ’em up
pull up with a stick in a pickup truck
every time someone dies 12 think it’s us
n-ggas die every week, it’s ridiculous
i know where you be, i got intel
drop a brick on your head like brick fare
’bout that money, my hitters gon’ get there
wherever you stand you get k!lled there
soon i turned ten i was thuggin’ hard
i keep a forty, f-ck a bodyguard
leave him stretched out on his boulevard
i’ll shoot at your whole entourage
i heard you want smoke, let’s get it
this song off lil pump, bro, eskeet-t
want to shoot it out, i’m with it
i be with shooters whose finger be itchin’
none of my shooters fold up on a mission
sneak dissin’ but you know how i’m livin’
twitter beefin’, boy you gotta be kiddin’
uh, that forty go blah, hit your fitted, ayy
i only keep real n-ggas with me
red beam on your head, now you trippie
spoke a n-gga like some spliffy, n-gga all i roll is sticky
i only f-ck b-tches who pretty, i just took your b-tch out the party
bad b-tch look like nicki, best friend look like cardi

[verse 2: soldier kidd]
smoke a n-gga like an ollo, uh
big stick look like polo dub
mention me and i’m pullin’ up
drop a dime, you gettin’ dumped
bein’ me, i gotta get bucks
seein’ me, she get starstruck
f-ck around, get her -ss bust
triple-x, better know what’s up
i’m bringin’ h-ll, got stories to tell
free the lil fredo, he up in the cell
we was all thuggin’ before we could spell
tryna take my vv’s, you know he gon’ fail
they had the vv’s and we had the sh-lls
[?] out creepin’, i hate to go sell
i don’t like sleepin’, i’ll wait ’til i’m dead
your girl be dreamin’, i’m all in her head
i send them demons right after your head
he cannot meet me ‘less he got the bread
i need the bread, where is the peso?
fill him with lead right on my say so
i like the bread, f-ck the potato
hate all these n-ggas but i f-ck with jayo
pull up with n-ggas, he got nothin’ to say though
i blow your brain, don’t get out my face ho

- jayo sama testo

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