jane jupiter – all i need testo

attendere prego...

[hook : jane jupiter x king chip] x 2
all i need is a bad b-tch and bag of weed
with some bad hoes in the back, homie
and it feeling good cause we living good
bartender fill it up cause…

[verse 1 : king chip]
yeah, i don’t know your name, yo
in the park behind that ranch, bro
tell your girls to take their loopies
offing like they scrammed, dog
coming in, introduce yourself
you turn up, girl, boost yourself
don’t keep nothing to yourself
you should let me do yourself
i don’t really f-ck with clubs no more
after a while that sh-t got old
rather party at my crib
invite like two hundred hoes
we jamming like we supposed
we tossing that reaper, bro
shut that door and keep it closed
we smoke in this freaking hoes

[verse 2 : king chip]
i’m wearing expensive clothes
don’t got to convince these hoes
i did not chose to be this cold but i was simply chose
watch this n-gga cruise on the phone
in a car with about seventeen hoes
step out look at my shoes and you’ll say:
“danm, king chip i’ve never seen those”
don’t be doing no flirty unless we getting it twerking
if i get to kissin’ on your neck and get discourteous (yum!)
she said me and her should go upstairs and i agree
b-tches with no att-tudes and weed is all i need

[hook : jane jupiter x king chip] x 2

[verse 3 : jane jupiter]
beat them in the web and i’ve been no where
me and this n-gga’s first time is a verse
done our task in a mini bit shirt
go home, go shine, no california girl
beat my song if you caught me at my meet
i was this b-tch who you could tell alt-delete
i’ll entertain never wanting to be
without a need, it’s a boom and it never will be
call me c-nt if you think i’m owed
i’mma keep on singing this song like:
lala lala lala! oh-oh-oh! lalala lala lala! oh-oh!

[verse 4 : jane jupiter]
so if you’ve taken insult get medical attention
no more love for gigolo; mark it, get that pencil light
chop up that porky chop
chop up that porky chop
what’s with your lips, though?
control it, think up, think up, it’s mental
can i get a light compound check?
sis, go tell the town check
take a look around check
go meet me at my sound check like:
lala lala lala! lalala lala lala-la!

[hook : jane jupiter x king chip] x 2

- jane jupiter testo

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