jake hamilton – darkest before the dawn testo

attendere prego...

i am seeker a finder, a redeemed reminder
of all that’s been given and lost
i have been weathered and beaten by each changing season
sometimes it’s hard to see past the cost

i want to be near you, i know that you’ll come through
even though i’m not sure what that means
i feel you are breathing, whispering and scheming
there’s something going on behind scenes

i, i want to know, i want to know your name
i’m living for your glory and your fame
circ-mstances can’t move me, i am pressing on
i’m living for a brighter day, it’s darkest before dawn

when i can’t seem to see you and i’m stumbling to find you
i’m confident that i am not alone
when heart feels like grieving and the enemy’s deceiving
i draw on strength i know is not my own

my lifestyle is violent, my dreams are not silent
i’m grateful for your touch but i want more
so i pray for a breakthrough, i’m not determined to find you
you’re all i love and all that i adore

sing, nightingale, sing
hallelujah, hallelujah

- jake hamilton testo

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