jackie deshannon – high coin testo

attendere prego...

i’m goin’ for high coin, baby
or i ain’t goin’ nowhere at all
i’m goin’ for high coin, baby
to keep me high and in and up and down and all
while eatwells tried to label you
and tear down all the words you’re able to recall
that’s all before the fall

i’m in the high scenes, baby
i’m livin’ in for out and high
i’m in the high scenes, baby
where days are nights and nights are days of years gone by
where blind men livin’ by the rules
are turnin’ seekers into fools of words and rhyme
that’s fine, it’s my time

it looks like high time, baby
to stop our lovin’ nickel time
we’re in the high times, baby
where words are lost and tempest tossed in lemon lime
when times and places effervesce
in words of wonder from down under i’m no less
i’m fine, it’s my time

- jackie deshannon testo

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