j cole – you got it testo

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“you got it”
(feat. wale)

[j. cole – chorus]
hey, one time
hey, one time
one time
throw your hands to the sky tonight
’cause i think i see the baddest little thing in the world right now
but i gotta make sure i’m right
and girl you d-mn right, if your head right
i’ll be there every night
i just might change your life
’cause baby…

you got it (you got it)
you got it (you got it)
you got it (you got it)
you got it (you got it)

[j. cole – verse 1]
hey cole world, real cold world
i watch it hit the floor and watch it drop it real low girl
last time i seen you, you was a little old girl
i had a crush now we grown and we still so thorough
clap for her, work it till you exhausted
i swear nothing worse than a bad b-tch that lost it
brains off the chain, smart mouth with a dumb -ss
god d-mn your ex man is a dumb -ss
when you was leaving, did he put up a fight?
was he stressin’ you, wasn’t f-cking you right
well one man’s trash is another man’s treasure
one man’s pain is another man’s pleasure
one d-mn thing you can’t change is the weather
but even if it rain, we get rained on together
it’s whatever, you shine, i shine,
i know you got a 9-5 i’ll be your 5-9!

[j. cole – chorus]

[j. cole – verse 2]
yeah, go ahead and pop it like you do in the mirror
i’m picking through the crowd tryna see a little clearer
high heel wearer, h-ll of a body
first one to spot you and i ain’t telling n-body
nope, i’m peaking at your -ss, winking at your -ss
if i don’t beg i’ll be thinking bout your -ss
for the whole week no time for cold feet
she too bad to p-ss, so fine i don’t speak
i tell her my name jermaine, i’m tryna be lowkey
she tell me i go that flame, your rhymes are so deep
man, girl thank you, sh-t you so bad know your daddy wish he could still spank you
hold up for these other n-gg-s roll up and try and get you
the ones that say they riders but never do ride with you
i’m tryna vibe with you so wont you throw me your phone number
and let them lames get you old number

[j. cole – chorus]

roc nation, wale
look, cole world, still a cold world
and a couple you is cool but we a little more thorough
whole town, a little more girls
you know i spit that sick sh-t and there’s still no cure
hold up, loud packs like i got cancer
choking on them white boys make a black panther
love my women with high heels and high standards
and only cheat on my broad if i run out of answers
i got that vicious flow, moncler winter coat
i ain’t superst-tious i make all these broads flip my pole
you dig it, this sh-t ain’t for beginners
i’m something like a fetus, i’m not quite kidding
and theres something you ain’t seeing like i block your vision
like my remy with no juice, you a lot like bishop
hundred k in 22 hours
see money talks, you motherf-ckers is boomhower
no check back, in debt yep
loud in my j, i smoking gallaudet
higher than i need to be
flyer ’cause i need to be
love our conversation but it’s late right now, i need a beat
one time for the ville that cole rep
another time for the city of slow death
i don’t understand why these n-gg-s so vexed
i don’t need no chains with no cross to know that i’m blessed


- j cole testo

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