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inme – guardian testo

attendere prego...


these are the greatest years of my life
i can feel it growing deep inside
but please don’t

don’t believe me
this sentiment will leave me
i’ll do it again
let’s not play pretend
but this time
this time feels different
i’ve got something to lose
and i won’t betray my muse.

let’s break through
standing on top of
the world we once knew

i dream to be the guardian he was
still climbing up but what is at the top?
and i know i squandered it all
but it didn’t mean anything to me

and we have smashed through the mirrors that lied to us
we’ve broken free from the shadowed shackles
we’ve set alight to the crimson prison ship
we’ve watched the embers of envy flicker away

i remember her glowing embers burned away
’till all that was left was blackened ash
gathered in the shadows by a storm of wild dreams
buried under countless winters
and shrouded in years of ice
the aries’ wondrous mountains
splinters clouded in tears of vice

- inme testo

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