iio – p.i.c. (partner in crime) testo

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“p.i.c. (partner in crime)”

wherever i walk he’ll always stroll along with me
as soon as i start to run he lays the whole track out for me
he holds on to my hand like as though it was jewelry
and when i lay down to sleep i swear he’s the blanket over me

more and more i know, i know, i know
there is just one thing that’s for sure
i’m yours, i’m yours, i’m yours

let’s hold on to what we’ve got ’cause we’ve got a lot, we’ve got
i’m asking it not to stop i won’t let it drop, won t let it drop
don’t care where you’ve been before
yesterday is yours, my love is blind
promise to stick around ’cause i’ll be lost without my partner in c

when my heart starts to sing he’ll always carry the tune for me
sometimes i’m shown to dance he moves the music to a beat
oh, i sail through an ocean he’s the water underneath
i have a smile on my face he brings the laughter out of me

- iio testo

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