honey cocaine – in the cut testo

attendere prego...

in the cut

b-tch i’m out catch me chillen in the cut
me and my homies swag it out in the cut
it’s a party going down in the cut
you ain’t see me b-tch i came to f-ck it up

[verse 1:]
b-tch i’m a problem att-tude f-ck you
sh-t i ain’t waiting for the money i’m a cut through
now f-ck manage bruh i be like excuse you
cause homie i ain’t like them b-tches that you use to
this is just a sample b-tch you getting for collides
you p-ss-es bore my sh-t about to p-ss in stores
i give you a moment then i’m outty
fix yoself b-tch you ain’t know nunin about me


[verse 2:]
i’m in the cut just on some sh-t on my own
i keep it 1 0 0 b-tch i’m takin it home
get off my genitals i ain’t do nunin wrong
cause i don’t care about fame i just the songs
so leme make tracks make raps
a penny is and ain’t cr-p
gimmie a beat b-tch, drama [?] you can take that…
sh-t just show me where the f-ckin stage at
cause when i get the mic gimmie, gimmie no take backs


oh you jealous thou, is it cause i’m yellow bro [?]
well f-ck a sl-t you get cut is what i tell a ho

oh you jealous thou, is it cause i’m yellow bro?
well get out it’s my house b-tch it’s time to go [?] [x2]


- honey cocaine testo

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