holly freeling – out of my mind (into my body) testo

attendere prego...

out of my mind, into my body
i want to be your sensation jockey
perceive and sense through a different portal
a whole new way of being mortal
i want you, to go there with me
and open up to physicality
i want to float above cities, unsure of reality
turn off my brain, enter a new modality

out of my mind, into my body

vibrating strings and voices fill me
with wonder and love it’s otherworldly
colors give me a whole new friction
a new p-ssion, a new addiction
stop, feeling, this way and that
shift perception like ella sings scat
i’m time traveling, form dismantling
feeling all i’m embodying

out of my mind, into my body
out of my mind, into my body
slower, slower drink it in
in a sp-ce you’ve never been
slower, slower, savor and feel
open yourself to things surreal
slower, deeper touch and sense
let it be that intense

the land between asleep and awake
the border town, don’t want to wake
like rolling senses and drinking air
it’s like i’m floating in midair

visuals change the longer i look
the more i stare, the more i’m hooked
i want to taste you by sight, and share in your light
i want to feel my skin, and breathe you in
see you by feel, feel you by ear
i don’t even care if what i’m feeling is real
i want to taste your anatomy, smell your capacity
experience your taste, an alternate reality

- holly freeling testo

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