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hilltop hoods – the thirst (part 2) testo

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the thirst (part 2)

“as sure as the sun rises in the east
it also sets in the west”

“the sun is much more than a giant lightbulb
there are other forces at work in the sun”

“the sun is a sphere of hot, seething gases
and surges of radiation”

“the sun is so large
it would take a hundred and nine earths strung end to end to equal its diameter”

“how do you capture a piece of the sun?”

“hilltop hoods”

“and then the sun, we’ll expect a connection to the sun”

well, ‘drinking from the sun’ is kinda like, it’s a metaphor that you know
we’re, we’re from a, we’re from an underground culture that’s kind of risen up into, into the limelight
so we’re sort of from, from down below drinking from what’s coming above

- hilltop hoods testo

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