hilltop hoods – the thirst (jayteehazard remix) acts i, ii & iii testo

attendere prego...

[verse 1: pressure]
it’s been a while since we last touched bases
ever since state of the art rushed playlists
been around the globe a couple of times
sang in a thousand homes but none of them mine
played a thousand shows under the lights
and walked on mountain roads touching the sky
rocked foreign sh-r-s where i swore i had no name
that meant more than the awards and accolades
like i can’t believe we made our calling
we’ve barely stopped to breathe and take it all in
it’s got a hold on me the day i fold and leave
it’s gonna seem like i’m falling
and i buried two friends, lost touch with some others
split with my girl, found love with another
for every road the world i know gets smaller
came home to find my son had grown a head taller

[scratches: dj debris]
“as sure as the sun rises in the east, it also sets in the west.”
[verse 2: suffa]
we were gone so long
spreading our wings they’d thought we’d broken up
thought i only closed my eyes for a second, next thing i’ve woken up
they said we thought we’d let you sleep in, you looked at peace and
i was like you should have spoken up
all this time trying to sober up
swore a crowd not a crown would be the next thing i opened up
saw i was so corrupt, i wasn’t coping but
seeing friends going down, had me choking up
plus a drunk nearly killed debris in a car that crashed
left us a dj who had to start from scratch
so i arched my back, stretched my shoulders
said let’s shed this wretched coldness
drink from the sun and swallow the heat
just to spit it out, and have ’em follow the beat
what we gotta give this crowd’s something of another cl-ss
march till the sun is down and we’re walking under stars

[scratches: dj debris]
“we’re from an underground culture that’s kind of risen up into the limelight so we’re sort of from down below drinking from what’s coming above.”

[hook 1: aaradhna]
we arrive in the night
we come alive in the night
strip the sky of its colour
we’ll run the expanse in the absence of light
walking under stars we breathe the night
walking under stars we breathe the night

[verse 3: pressure]
we’re still here, ain’t leaving, built here, ain’t leaving
marched till the sun was down, and felt this landscape breathing
a blurred line came between them
yo i don’t know if i’m chasing dreams or escaping demons
though it’s a sign when you’re loaded on the road all the time
woke up to find i was at home, and didn’t know it was mine
sobered up fine, took it slower, know what’s blowing my mind
had a baby boy to focus my devotion and time
now my hands tied, man this life don’t get easier
my nan died, older son got leukaemia
world spinning like poltergeist, try take my own advice
and transfer this anguish to my only vice
took a breather when i knew it was a problem
to take a look and see if something beautiful could blossom
and find some time to release this record
but sometimes sunshine’s when you least expect it
that love you got for me, for real i’m humbled honestly
it still make me feel like i hit the f-cking lottery
we steel up a fist, to fill the abyss
my friends it gets no realer than this
we just continue on
two years, one alb-m nothing left, just writing these songs
continue on
no apologies, my whole discography been righting my wrongs

[hook 1: aaradhna]
we arrive in the night
we come alive in the night
strip the sky of its colour
we’ll run the expanse in the absence of light
walking under stars we breathe the night
walking under stars we breathe the night

[verse 4: suffa]
we stayed away much longer than explained that we would to be honest
there was a spate of delays for the hoods i guess a promise
is made to be made, not made to be kept
the way you’d wait all these days hey i’m blessed and i’m honoured
and i guess that i wanted things a little too quickly
‘cause the last two years felt a little like fifty
in the middle i sit the centre of the three
cause pressure causes suffering resulting in debris
hilltop, we’re back from a sabbatical, you miss us?
my briefcase is a suitcase, travel’s my business
said we’d be back last year, but life got in the way of that
but that’s life, we play it out, somehow get old then play it back
we made it out, then we made it back, we take them out, we’re still on the road like
kerouac, have them having them panic attacks, while i’m having a nap
look the one thing that i know about losing
that’s that i don’t know one thing about losing man we’re back

[sample: paul heyman]
tonight, we have a chance to say, ‘yeah, you’re right. we’re too wild. we’re too out of control. we’re too full of our own sh-t.’ or we have a chance to say, ‘hey, f-ck you, you’re wrong! f-ck you, we’re right!’ because you have all made it to the dance. cause believe me, this is the dance!

[hook 2: pressure & suffa]
we have the thirst
we have the hunger
we dive head first
into the wonder
we have the thirst
we have the hunger
we dive head first
into the wonder

[verse 5: pressure]
don’t know how i got here, don’t know what approachin’
don’t know when this started, don’t know where i’m goin’
if all i know is the path that i tread
then life’s a road: it goes one foot after the next
so i headed away the day my third was born
feelin’ blessed that i waited and made your first of dawns
it’s like a soap opera tourin’ through this snow, fog and morning
and we don’t stop performin’ till debris lost an organ
and maybe i’m a dreamer but what happened to us?
going crazy, cabin fever in the back of a bus
something changed me on that road, when you’re at it for months
felt like a stranger being home so i had to adjust
caught some mates at an event then they made an intervention
they say i should be slowin’ down, i’m gaining in momentum
truth in admissions part of pursuing this vision
and f-ck cancer, my boy made it through his remission
celebrated life more than i had in years
we celebrated the support from our fans and peers
i celebrated when our prime minster lost his throne
but dirt on someone else’s hands doesn’t wash your own
some are livin’ for the day, i’m haunted by my last
if all before echoes like a chorus of the past
write a story in the sky, something for us that’ll last
till we’re drinking from the sun and walking under stars

[hook 2: pressure & suffa]
we have the thirst
we have the hunger
we dive head first
into the wonder
we have the thirst
we have the hunger
we dive head first
into the wonder

[verse 6: suffa]
don’t know where to start, but then again since this is
the third and final part, i guess it’s more like where to finish?
you ever seen la haine? when hubert kicks a story
about a man and how he fell from like fifty storeys
and as he’s travelin’ from the roof to the hood
of a car keeps babbling ‘so far, so good’
that’s how the last five years have felt, like falling in a canyon
the falling part i’m all in, but it’s all about the landin’
i see the ground rushing at us
and when we hit the ground we would be running or crushed
but that’s life, courage gotta summon it up
and no matter if we still matter, sun will come up
uh, my thoughts are running amok
but in my heart, man i know there’s no one other than us
that can tear down a crowd like a bear that came down
on a fairground and found all these scared little clowns
i fold ’em, back ’em down
sat ’em down, told ’em they could sn-tch the crown
you’d still be able to see our tan lines by the time that we get it back
cause we got one-eyed supporters: fetty wap
call a medevac, fly out, take aim at us
christmas story bruh, you’ll shoot your eye out
we’ll never die out, safe from extinction events
been through the best and we ripped ’em to shreds

[sample: hubert koundé]
eh vinz, tu la connais l’histoire du keum qui tombe d’un building de 50 étages ? et à chaque étage, pour s’r-ssurer, le keum il s’répète : jusqu’ici tout va bien, jusqu’ici tout va bien, jusqu’ici tout va bien. […] c’est l’atterissage

- hilltop hoods testo

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