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please baby

sometime women complain about the fact they might get a man that don’t want to work, and then they end up with a workaholic and they complain about the fact they got a man who’s not never at home. so i guess its like the gift and the curse, or maybe you should watch what you wish for because you just might get it.

[verse 1:]
i need a clock with more hours, a calendar with more days
to compensate for spending so much time away
it drives me insane when i’m signing autographs
and she sends me pictures of my daughter in the bath
and i miss that, because i wish i was there
who wins? the player or the square, call it in the air
i’m just not your 9-to-5, suit and tie, clock punching type of guy
but we both knew that (please baby)
believe me when i tell you it’s true
that i’m not thinking bout any other woman but you
that’s why i do what i do and keep it moving
my love is perpetual and forever be improving
i send you shopping with the babies and buy you things
to compensate for the time with furniture and rings
like to say that i’mma stop, but that’ll be a lie
i just need you by my side and believe me when i say

(please baby) understand that there is no perfect man
lil’ momma i promise i’m doing the best that i can
(please baby) stay focused and stay right here by my side
and don’t cry, please baby don’t cry

[repeat chorus]

[verse 2:]
i hate leaving you, but my faith is strong ’cause i believe in you
i know how men do and women too
i put you in a position to protect my best interests
knowing that you could make me resent this
(please baby) i know i’m always gone
either always on the road, or always on the phone
and it kills me, cause i’d rather be at home
i can’t speak my mind, so i do it with these songs
(please baby) accept the fact that i’ve changed
i’m not the person that i was when we started this thing
(please baby) believe that i know it’s not a game
for this to end on crooked terms would be a shame
so i gave you a ring, and i gave you my name
hoping you would feel repaid for the temperament and pain
and you p-ssed every test with flying colors
and that’s why motherf-cker die for ya

[repeat chorus]
[repeat chorus]

[verse 3:]
i’m knowing other women envy you
they want their last name to be winfrey too
go to the pen for you, go to the hole for you
and this work that you see me doing is all for you
(please baby) just stay down like four flats
if for no other reason, i always had your back
and you should never wonder where my heart or my head’s at
i said i do and knew what i was doing when i said that
for better for worse, sickness and health,
like everyone who ever loved me, i done put you through h-ll
please, baby be cautious because you have the authority
to make a bad decision and destroy me
that’s what it means to love completely
i’m gonna give you what i got and if you beat me, you beat me
we seem to have it under control for now
because we done came to d-mn far to turn around

repeat chorus
repeat chorus

- haystak testo

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