gucci mane – super cocky testo

attendere prego...

super c-cky

i’m super duper stupid c-cky
my wrist super duper rocky
rocky like the rocky mountains
make it rain water fountains
d-mn she got a stupid body
i just popped a super molly
twin ferraris got em thinkin
i’m down with illuminati
say you sorry beg ya pardon
gucci tooled i pack a garden
ridin foreign rockin ralph lauren
call me liberaci
louie key chain belt and wallet
shoes and jeans and hat versace
gucci back so who can stop
i cant lie i’m super c-cky

[verse 1:]
i got money in every pocket in my cargos
pull up in a largo call me gucci fargo
sold so many dueces i should have a bar code
pj to las vegas want a half a mill at cosmos
f-cked so many b-tches dip my d-ck in rose gold
suicide doors on a rolls and you know
that i had to go get the brain blowed
they say gucci mane so hard but shawty local
never rap the same flow and never hit the same hoe
heard yo n-gg- in some money but he lame doe
yo boyfriends a lamo the egg beaters my logo
imma ruth-a-less i’m da gucci miss!
i put diamonds all in my crucifix
yall know how i do the sh-t treat
a r&b b-tch like a groupie b-tch


[verse 2:]
gucci mane make super profit
yo girlfriend is jocky jocky
i know what you read about me
i heard what you said about me
b-tches think i’m feedin pigeons
cause i keep that bread around me
10 b-tches and only me this girl
is gettin some head beside me
first i let her drive the car
then i let her ride the star
on the bar don’t own her bra
i swear that girl a p-rno star
yo boyfriend gotta loaner car
mã©nage ã  trois i’m up to par
stay stupid fresh i’m extra sharp
i swear he cross dress grandma ma
i’m on yo break lets go to lunch
she ate my b-lls like crunch and munch
pull up clean i love to stunt
the backs the front the fronts the trunk
buy a pint to spike the punch
smoke out the pound we cram the blunts
scram if you ain’t servin grams
i still got what them junkies want


- gucci mane testo

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