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gucci mane – i’m up testo

attendere prego...

i’m up
(feat. 2 chainz)

[hook: gucci mane]
i’m up [x16]

[verse 1: gucci mane]
i’m hands on like a ipad (ipad)
them racks in my pants look like thighpads (thighpads)
i hit it with the fork that’s my dance
i hit it two times that’s a slow dance
i ain’t got time for the romance
cocaine avalanche when i finance
i’m a laugh at ya i’m a throw a bomb at ya
since you a crumb sn-tcher i’m a throw a crumb at ya
i ain’t mad at ya, but ya got me bent backwards
i roll another swisher i don’t like to smoke backwoods
bricksquad bandana fool, trapped out since grammar school
bricksquad atlanta crew, she got a bandana too


[verse 2: 2 chainz:]
yea i got that fire
for ya fyi
n-gg- didn’t respect me, it’s h-llo, goodbye
all my hoes is dykin (dykin), all yo hoes is triflin (triflin)
yea i got a pistol but the bullets from a rifle
yea they call me deuce, i got deuces on my coupe
put two swishers together look like i’m blowing on a flute
yea n-gg- we up, we ride up on you
ralph lauren teddy bear it’s not winnie the pooh
yea n-gg- we winnin, and spend it on these women
and i ain’t playing soccer when i’m kicking it at lenox
say what up to louie, say what up to fendi
n-gg- know what we doin i make it so i spend it


- gucci mane testo

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