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goodbye picasso – don’t want nothin’ testo

attendere prego...

don’t call me superst-tious
when i catch you watching her
with your dirty little secrets

of the places that you were
you can play it cool
or act the fool
it all looks well rehe-rs-d
you’ve been talking me in circles
as if some how i’ve not heard

and i
yeah i
yeah i
don’t want nothin’
no i
yeah i
yeah i
don’t want nothin’ from you

don’t call it paranoia
that whole thing has gotten old
i know you talk about me
when i go out on the road
and it ain’t the wine
or in my mind
or the fact that i’m so stoned
you both been f-cking with me
and it’s time to let you know

well, you best now pay attention
cause i’ll only say this once
don’t think i’m leaving
don’t think i’m giving up
and i’ll just shout
and get kicked out
but i’ll just wait out front
and if you think this is over
let me tell you something
we’ve just begun

(chorus x 2)


- goodbye picasso testo

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