goatwhore – judgement of the bleeding crown testo

attendere prego...

falling heavens in these black flames
nothing will be excused from the end
even the mighty gods will be reaped
keeping this promise of the final harvest

painful structure of gratification through m-ssacre
this common ground of perversion
excavating the blackest arts of desecration
concealed in the chambers of unreason

gods of this great death hear the voice of calling
open the sun for bloodshed upon the heavens
tributaries of origin flooding the harvest of war
transfixed on the rotting convergence of ascension

a devouring dragon of war
harvest the magic of decay
to be enslaved in evermore
a shallow existence of life

shards of bone
used to decipher
unearthly kingdoms
fading away in fire

hammer of this ruin
feeding on essence of revival
denounce the ways of the light
nether planes of existence

silence falls upon us
in the temple of the unfed flame
denounce the king of th-rns
master of this subterfuge

bodily desecration
in lavish designs
sculpting the skin
into sigils that bind

the raven consumes the entrails of a dove
symbolic transfer into darkness
a hex of purpose for diluted copulation
birthing the great beast of vengeance

lord of smokeless fire
turning the air to cold
infect the sky with dark
devour the might of old
return to the cold earth
born from this decay
forced to return to it’s rot
on this lifeless day

- goatwhore testo

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