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ghost of the robot – finer than gold testo

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finer than gold

i forgot what you looked like
i forgot your skin
i wanted to stand up
and make you a mountain.
i wanted to gather,
some stars in my hand.
and drop them before you,
like they were sand.
‘cus i wanted you glowing,
so you could see…
what i’m seeing.

when i behold you,
but i forgot your skin
now i’m not a rich man,
but i just had to prove,
so i gathered some gold dust,
and i flung it on you.

but you’re finer than gold,
you’re finer than gold.
you’re finer than gold.

‘cus gold doesn’t suit you.
not on your skin.
like a drunk in the morning,
just doesn’t fit in.
so happy birthday,
i don’t have a gift.
i spent all my money,
only have this…

you’re finer than gold.
you’re finer than gold.
you’re finer than gold.

so now i sit here,
alone in my room.
holding this necklace,
and thinking of you.
i just want to break it,
dig it a hole.
i know you forgive me,
‘cus how could i know?
you’re finer than gold.

- ghost of the robot testo

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