ghetts – all black winter testo

attendere prego...

[verse 1]
don’t tell me prepare
i’m the one who gave p the career
none of yous cared before he said my name
okay, i’m leaving it there
i ain’t gonna lie this boys evolved
he’s come a long way from coins 2 notes
and little dee keeps sending for devs
don’t worry ’bout that, i’ll destroy them both
blacks and everyone of his boys involved
n0body ain’t gonna be avoiding blows
when i let off, i’ll lick p money’s head off
i’m a serial k!ller, he’s kellogg’s
i’ll put man to sleep like i be the guy that he bought his bed off
his fans say i fell off
i wanna know what boat they’re fresh off
i’m undisputed like lennox
coming at me with them basic bars
it’s like trying to mix with one deck off
you must be well off your head
i’m ten steps ahead of the rest, you’ll get left when i wet off
don’t say p’s going in
he’s just a guy that you expect less of
when i bar, alarms i set off

[verse 2]
i told ’em i’m colder than poland
frozen my body, could freeze a whole ocean
stone cold, no i don’t show no emotion
only when i flow and going in on an opponent
a lot of mcs are alright
i’m cheese when it’s dry, overly potent
p spent ’09 sending for me
and the fans wanna know why n0body’s spoken
and a few of them are losing faith in g h
so i gotta remind them why i, will humiliate any mc alive
when i reply to guys with the mic in my right
it’s a nightmare for them
them man are plimsolls, i’m nike airs to them
who’s involved? stand right there with them
i ain’t hearing men talk like i’m scared to send
now sending, so
and i swear revenge
yeah i’ve been low but i’m here again
some say that i’m on best form ever
others say that i’m right near my end
i’m like yeah, yeah and yeah again
literally yeah and yeah again
they all compare me to somebody else
but i’m the only one you hear again

[verse 3]
you’re obsessed with fruit and veg
what the f-ck could you do to ghetts? bad move
you can’t sleep like i removed your bed (head gone)
but i ain’t gonna lose my head (you’re dead wrong)
i’d rather shoot instead
i take n-ggas out, take n-ggas out
p money mc won’t win a round
it’s a pity, i wanted to see him stick around
no biggie
money man’s silly, i’m chilly
gonna really tell him if he wants beef, k!ll a cow
you should know, p
i be never cooking with the flows, p
hit ’em with the syllables and multi
in fact, let me k!ll him with the slow me, this must be a joke
if feel like i’m on played by fame, this must be a hoax
okay, you can come out now i’ve done it, i know
ha-ha-ha, it’s all fun i suppose
until i get someone’s stomach involved
i’ll make him stop eating
i don’t care if a n-gga’s got heart
i’ll make it stop beating
number one’s the only number i know
it’s my spot i’m not leaving
his fans say that i can’t come back
my fans are like “please make them stop speaking”
so, i retaliate properly
p’s poor, he can’t eradicate poverty, money my -rs-
where’s all this money i ask?
man have got more money by far
in fact, p’s the only money i par
money comes and goes
what makes you think this money might last?
i get me the money quite fast
put the riddim on
some say p’s gonna k!ll me because i don’t write no sing-alongs
f-ck them lullaby bars
and if this money guy’s hard
then pigs fly and b-tterflies bath
me and this boy ain’t breddrins
i don’t roll with money, i like card

i told you

- ghetts testo

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