gennaro arnaldo – paris testo

attendere prego...


[verse 1]

with my n+ggas, moving tho paris
all them n+ggas acting stupidy
she got money throw that drip on me
watch your b+tch and why she trip on me
i got n+ggas they from tripoli
after paris go to italy
f+ck them hater the can’t little me

(if you hating you is lame)


i’m in paris with my gang (gang)
i’m in paris whats the plan (plan)
i got b+tches in j+pan (pan)
i got b+tches in orlando (yeah)
every monday in miami (miami)
i take pictures for the gram (the gram)
she baddy she a ten

(i got b+tches i’m the men)
[hook] x2

i’m in paris
go to paris
fly to paris
drip in paris
whe in paris
go to paris
you in paris

[verse 2]

time been ticking in my rolly
spend in paris, been like four days
shawty act like je holy
money green like guacamole
pull up to the eiffel tower
shawty acting like a cowered

i’m a pull up anyway
shawty you know where i stay
shawty f+cking with my wave
think she like me cause i’m brave
you can find me in paris
you can find me with my g’s
spending money in paris
spend no money on no hoe
shawty keep it on the low
(lets go to paris)

i can’t be fake like plastic
money stretching like elastic
everything is fantastic
light camera and action
look at the flash
i’m in paris lately i feel so blessed
i’m in paris i pull up with a jet
she got diamonds dancing on her neck (ye)


i’m in paris x2
go to paris
fly to paris
drip in paris
whe in paris
go to paris
you in paris


[verse 3]

in your city keep my bandz low
in the city with lorenzo
i been dripping drip in kenzo
fake ass n+ggas getting cancelled
i make money in my bando
and i kick it like taekwondo
what’s your problem let me handle
yeah we glowing like a candle
i been dripping in my sandal
got a baddy her name kendall
(she kinda bad and she from paris)
paris is the place to be
haters jumping on my d
(haters always got to hate)
(i got l!cker i got stake)
i got l!cker i got stake

(hold up)

all my n+ggas feel like kodak (kodak)
i got money and you know that (know that)
i got cash i’m bout to blow that (blow that)
i’m a throw it in the air (air)
i’m in paris on a far (far)
i’m in paris on a fary (fary)
watch my drip is looking scary (scary)

- gennaro arnaldo testo

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