g-king – ultra testo

attendere prego...

i watched it all kind of…

[verse 1]
i watched it all kind of change in the last year
i ain’t really been the same not the past fears
got the flame from the ghost and the pastor
it’s difficult to be the goat i been the last tier
i need some quotes from what i wrote i need my cash here
it’s not the snow that make it cold why you can’t last here
people always got the hope that they can p-ss here
but they can’t never make it
most around me they ain’t never patient
most around me can’t read revelations
that i’m building up the separation
that i’m billing all my reparations
why i level up that feeling like i’m levitating
rest in peace my aunt i need the phantom now
now they acting like copies need the camera out
so i know i’m a legend made my family proud
cause i know it’s a blessing they ain’t lay me down
now i get to send a message i create the sound
trynna make the best of moments
i don’t got no time to ask her where she going
only hit her up that’s only when i’m lonely
don’t know if i’m wrong but i’ma keep it going
don’t know if this song will make or break it for me
and these chances n0body’ll take it for me
i’m advancing i gotta keep controlling
i’m demanding i don’t see no opposing

i, i, i
i don’t know
where to go
where i’ve been
all my sins
i, i, i
i don’t know
where to go
where i’ve been
all my sins
i, i, i
i don’t know
where to go
where i’ve been
all my sins

[verse 2]
i don’t never have time maybe its just a phase
i can never decide if i really made mistakes
i been paying my t-thes hope it’s a better day
levitate, i seen yo eyes promise i’ll stay awake
play your tape, they gon realize its gon change everything
what’s a response if things ain’t never change
what’s on your mind if you ain’t never think
bout the vision and doctrine compet-tion and commas
my decision in timing, was i ever late
or it’s more like defiance when i separate
or it’s more like a science when i elevate
or it’s more like i’m pious up at heaven’s gate
i’m just tired, tired of seeing the same
tired it’s not much different, i’m tired i can’t explain
tired of feeling different, i’m tired dismissing pain
tired on mt. olympus

- g king testo

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