g-god – legacy testo

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g-god on the mic

[verse 1]
building my way to the top
but i don’t need any bricks
all my raps i tell the truth
because this is not politics
two best rappers in the game
are me and my boy twix
all these rappers are actors
like a show on netflix
i will tell you right now that
you shouldn’t mess with me
all the doubters that said that i won’t make it
you can just wait and see
promise you when i’m gone
i’ll leave a legacy
’cause i’m doing laps around these rappers
like it’s a grand prix
none of my raps are weak
everyone knows i can’t be beat
none of my bars need any critique
boy you can’t rap and you shouldn’t speak
none of these rappers can compete
if they do they face their defeat
mixtape is so fire hope it don’t overheat
all these rappers copy like a parakeet
honestly i’ve had enough
all these rappers think they’re tough
they think they’re the stuff
but i’m about to call they bluff
they rapping and they think they’re hard
but they ain’t going to far
their raps are bizzare
they think they’re superstars
i’m tired of all these fake rappers so i’m here to tell you the truth
their raps are so trash and they record in a booth
i can expose them all even if i’m in my youth
pretty soon they’ll be nonexistent just like a telephone booth
swear all these new age artists are just talentless
i make songs twice as good and i do it like it’s effortless
when they all die i promise that they won’t be missed
it’s like they’re all in my cl-ss and they’re about to get dismissed
keep spitting all of this heat, wouldn’t be surprised if there was a drought
i know i made this rapping career, that’s right i got no doubt
all these rappers better be aware, and they better look out
because g-god entered the rap game, but for now he’s signing out

- g god testo

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