extreme music – the greatest place testo

attendere prego...

i grew up next to you
we had a job to do
we had to make a move
i knew that thinking positive, it would give us
a chance to find a place to live, a place to live
you took a job you said
you’d never work but then
you spent your whole week there
instead of being comfortable, with it all
you found yourself miserable, miserable
we’ve never taken no for an answer
we took our time now look and we’ve conquered
this is the greatest place we could ever be
we made it, escaped, we’re finally free
it was hard to leave my home because my home is a part of me
but we made it, and now we’re finally free
everyone knows your name
when you’re all from the same
town with no population
we trapped ourselves inside a box, with a lock
with no one there to cut it off, cut it off
we were terrified
that we would lose our minds
and we’d grow old and die there
we took as much as we could take, every day
we dreamt of ways to break away, break away

- extreme music testo

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