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everlast – gone for good testo

attendere prego...

“gone for good”

i got a dopefiend lean, i got a cocaine pain
i got a vicodin itch and i got sh-t for brains
got a hard luck woman, got a few good friends
got a couple nice hustles that’ll get you some ends
got an old man’s soul, got a heart of gold
got a brand new shovel dig me out of this hole
got a whole lot of nothin, i’m ready to give
i need a whole lot of lovin girl i’m eager to live
it go one for the money, two for the show
i got a one trick pony you can ride her slow
cause she’s good to go, and when i’m gone for good
i’ll be unappreciated and misunderstood
got a brand new bag, got a brand new style
got a brand new baby girl that makes me smile
got a pocket full of money, got a payday swagger
got a .45 pistol, and a switchblader dagger

and i’m, holdin on, with all i got
i see the world keep turnin, fires keep burnin down
we’re all, holdin on with all we got
tryin to poison all the water, make p-rno stars of your daughters in town
better wake up, you oughta stop messin around
quit pretendin like the motherf-ckin walls ain’t crumblin down

i got a one track mind, got a double standard
i got a woman so fine and that’s the way that i planned it
got a part time job, got a full time hobby
i get drunk at the bar and fall asleep in the lobby
if i’m late for the show, you don’t have to worry
i just live for today so i ain’t in no hurry
my vision is blurry, my head has been throbbin
i got to fightin with the wife and she hung up on me sobbin
got a hole in my heart, got the guiltiest feeling
i got a bottle of the jameson that’s how i keep dealing
got a pill for the pain, got some trees for the blowin
got twenty-five thousand mo’ miles to be goin
i got, no way of knowin, got no way of tellin
ain’t n-body on my side and i got nuttin i’m sellin
got the clothes on my back, got the songs that i’m singin
got the love in my heart, got the drama i’m bringin


- everlast testo

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