esoteric – scarred testo

attendere prego...

i see them coming at me all the time,
lashing out, killing me over and over again.
and i laugh for i enjoy all the deaths that i receive,
the pain and destruction of my flesh,
killing me over and over again.

the blackness still comes, forever killing me.
i rock back and forth, staring through.
the blackness which slices through,
my scarred and dead flesh, yet still i die as i see my skin shred.

dead again and still i stare at the blackness which is still there.
have they not yet reached the core, of my flesh so battered and torn?
maybe i have no core, maybe inside there’s nothing.
if so what do i die for?

staring, watching, willing, killing,
seeing, dreaming, screaming, screaming,
killing, killing, killing, killing:
willing, filling what wasn’t there, emptiness my despair.

stuck, unable to move off my chair,
rocking back and forth, with no eyes, yet still i stare.
at the blackness which is always there.

[music – greg. 3/1993]
[lyrics – greg. 2/1993]

- esoteric testo

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