e sosa – change your life testo

attendere prego...

hook :that grind that grind hustle hustle hustle that ah change ya life
that pain that pain that struggle struggle that ah change ya life
drop it in then you whip it twice
that ah change ya life
designer designer that’s foreva bby i can change ya life

verse :came from the corner shot the 20 bet the 50 rolling dice

posted like the light pole
watch foe blue n red lights

ptf on ya body bby that ah change ya life

not overnight
i only do that for the flights
for ah baddie
i been through the trenches
been through the mudd
came out rocking loubtions

all these diamonds got blood on em
b-tches love em more than me
dey make love to em

ptf we super charged
we got rappers actors trappers in the entourage

getting bigger
yea we getting bigger
walked in wit b-tches
like i’m thrilla !

i’m cool on it
tell the b-tch
to break the rules for it
they ont play bout e sosa shorty dey ah
put em on the news for me

these the new forgeins

rocking valentino
no this ain’t the bobby
swear ah n-gg- styling
stylist wanna style me

put her inna designer
put her in them bottoms
den court side her
man i changed her life

2nd verse

the day my brova coped the whole pound
swear that changed our life

bagged it up broke it all down
swear it changed our life

buy it whole sale sell it retail
that’s going change ya life

made myself ah boss
then i changed my life

hit magic …fck the strippers…diamonds dancing like they twerking on me

looking like a light bill
i should throw some ones how they working on me

stay lit yea we stay litty
tmz tell it n-gg- threw fifty
we vet – vlive vets
walk in loaded know we on deck

flawless diamonds on the pinky ring
make the hoe kiss the pinky ring yea
this a whole lotta ice yea
sosa bby change ya life yea

come to yo city
fck up yo city
you think that we from there
ptf really everywhere
name one place we ain’t go yea

- e sosa testo

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