dustin lynch – last lap testo

attendere prego...

last lap

hey it was b-mper to b-mper on the town square
windows rolled down feel the summer air
we would bark the tires peeling outta there
to make the girls stare, make the girls stare
drive from the sonic across the railroad tracks
down to the mall then make your way back
take your route 44 c-ke and pour out half
make room for jack, fill it up with jack and it was

oh oh
yeah, were kings and queens
oh oh
cruising south jackson street
oh oh
riding up and down that all night merry go round
oh oh
just more of the same old same
oh oh
making memories with time to waste
oh oh
and it ran out we took
one last lap around this town

hot little honey climbing up on in
my truck
rolling along sitting shotgun
look like a firecracker coming undone
make your heart jump, jump, jump, like

[repeat chorus]

and every time i come back here
it takes me back to the years
when we would drive around and around
and around and around singing

[repeat chorus (x2)]

- dustin lynch testo

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