domo genesis – prophecy testo

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[verse 1:]
it’s heavy as heaven i’m working like 7-11
and my thoughts getting hectic, in need of a blunt and excedrin
n-gg-s gon’ hate but it’s only nature so f-ck it i let ’em
sh-t, i’m just focused on the goal cause’ i know where i’m headed
if i could help it, i’mma die a legend
live a wild life, die hard, and let my children tell it
sh-t, i’m closer to my dreams, bruh, i can even smell it
so close sometimes i even notice that my friends are jealous
whoever knew it’d be this hard, breaking in on this rap sh-t
left college to try to feed momma so i can’t quit
in the midst of these n-gg-s just flakin’ like they dandruff
i’m a real n-gg-, break again and check my stance b-tch
pinky ring blingin’, i got the juice now
ball in my court so sport’s playin’ the truth now
let a n-gg- loose, now you fools sayin’ he too wild
i’m a new child who turn booths into nuketown
this is prophecy n-gg-

[verse 2:]
you determine what your future holds
so get up off that bullsh-t you n-gg-s on, make a husle, get this dough
i knew ten years ago this n-gg-‘s flow was meant to blow
now i’m in my zone and you n-gg-s slow, i’m shiftin’ go
i’m never lookin’ back, in fact i’m driftin’ on a different road
still stickin’ to the script, you n-gg-s will never get my soul
i don’t make records for radio play, n-gg- no
but still the inspiration for n-gg-s who ever lived it bro
you can make it n-gg-, just get your mind right
and get your grind tight and attack whenever the time’s right
even non-patients still blinded by the limelight
waitin’ for the moments i been hopin’ like my whole life
i’m ridin’ n-gg-, ’til the world ends
with a gang of kush and my favorite girlfriend
days are seemin’ like i’m caught up in a whirlwind
i’m puttin’ work in and i ain’t even catch my first win

be not afraid of greatness
some men are born great, some achieve greatness
and others have greatness thrown upon them
william shakespeare

- domo genesis testo

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