devik – be you testo

attendere prego...

to be seen in this i need the appet-te
to be the beast that i need to be
i can’t leave this feast until i finish what i started or i won’t be satisfied
been working for this
through the days i’ve going to my cl-sses
i’ve been holding a job to make some advances
in the spare time i’ve been rappin’
soon i won’t be able to stomach this
people say it’s too much
but i don’t give a f-ck
this isn’t about luck
this isn’t about making my life easier
i’m like a meteor
i come in sh-t with so much force
people will be scared at the sight of what i enforce
but soon embrace it like the grand canyon
cos i wanna die knowing i did my p-ssion
i already did so much
if you say that i didn’t, then you really don’t know me
i’ve been put on my knees
until i got back up and realized this game doesn’t come at ease
i will forever be the shadow
a hidden commando
if i live past 30 and my vision is accepted, sh-t i guess i’ll run for president at 35
cos my car isn’t yet at e and still ready to drive some more
we all got the urges to become something
i want to share with all you what’s in my head cos it’s floodin’
maybe you want to become a photographer
or have people look at what you made
f-ck it go for that
n0body can stop that
i live by this quote day-to-day
“the truth will set you free
but first it will p-ss you off”
yea you can cry
the people that are around you
care for you
and they got you
even when you struggle to show your wings, they’ll stay when you learn to fly
so i ask this
what’s stopping you?

- devik testo

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