deuterium – satanik crucifixation testo

attendere prego...

i kneel to curse on my altar
i’ll feast pleasure tonight
your fear brings a smile to my face
and i will make you curse your most sacred thing

christian soul…!

your messiah died like a dog and so will you
satanik crucifixation

and he was born of a wh-r-
satanik crucifixation

wh-r- begetted by god…!

you will never die – you live in the name of satan
-satan- you will repeat till you’re torn by a heavenly sword
in a battle againt your old master. him you shall curse
after my satanik crucifixation

ever more

the fires will scorch your mind to it’s rotten core
impaled by inverted crucifixes, with hooks and nails

we bound you to the oath god will never cross

cursing, holy
burning weathers..
you yearn for angel flesh

and never back to the state of worm you rotted in

- deuterium testo

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