defeated sanity – verses of deformity testo

attendere prego...

“there is a beast in man that needs to be exercised,
not exorcised”
[-anton lavey]

immoral congregation, the ultimate sacrifice
a demented ritual…
womb is ripped
a miserable end to pregnancy
primitive removal of the unborn
my own flesh and blood
forcibly torn from my own hands
to serve a higher cause
twisted ways of salvation
dubious use of scriptures
words are twisted for their depraved intent
incestuous s-x slave
bred to serve the superior
consecration of the chosen
forced into cannibalistic acts
strength and power increase
through consumption of
a fresh infant heart
promises of wealth
seduction of the weak, moulded into useful tools
mere minion to carry out my dirty work
lowest in the hierarchy of sickness…
repudiating the sovereign
abundance of hypocrisy
prompting abstruse counterculture
a cult of self-indulgence
open mind for abhorrence
legitimating s-d-stic acts
a token for spiritual disorder
verses of deformity
spectator of lunacy
struggling to hide my disapproval
victim and culprit
in this impervious network
satanic elite
piercing eyes are upon you
attempting escape
from this vicious circle
sworn to secrecy
inner turmoil never finds release
immense rage
for decades of injustice
a sacrilegious existence
to end my life
my only option to quit

- defeated sanity testo

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