deathbringer – the keeper of pain testo

attendere prego...

i recreate the dimensions of pure sorrow
collect the pieces of inner pain
i absorb the sufferings and follow
the blackened, sharpened blade of fate.

look inside my mind
what you gonna see?
souls full of scars
mirror of reality.

i dissect the nothingness and fill it with squealing

[solo: artyom]

look inside my mind
what you gonna see?
bounty of pain
shattering world inside me.

i scrutate the minds that are formal
and search for grief, filtering lies.
you may say: it’s abnormal
i won’t even deny.

my perception of the world is too distinctive
no rest for the keeper of pain
do not feel sorry for me
the purport of my life you won’t explain.

[solo: artyom]

- deathbringer testo

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