dark funeral – enriched by evil testo

attendere prego...

[music by lord ahriman & typhos. lyrics by emperor magus caligula]

satan – angel of darkness carry me
through the seventh gate.
take me to the regions of evil, let your
flames surround my soul.

i have given you my mortal life i wear
your marks with pride.
you were the razor in my flesh now take
my blackened soul.
enrich me with the powers of evil.
let me stand by your throne.
let me become a soldier of darkness.
for you i’ll raise my sword.

in my heart your black flame burns.
my eyes are cold as death my blood is rivers of hate.
i am the very essence of evil!
your wings will carry me through the darkened skies.
far beyond the realms where light no more shines.
my eyes reflect your flame.
forever i will remain.

i am the one, let me be your son a prince of evil, father.
i am the one, let me be your son a price of evil, satan.

- dark funeral testo

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