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cypress hill – carry me away testo

attendere prego...

“carry me away”
(feat. mike shinoda of linkin park)

[24 seconds instrumental]

[b-real + (mike shinoda):]
i was an outcast, outsider. – trouble maker;
a lost soul! – outta control in danger.
didn’t have a care in the world, my feeling were numb
never showing emotion, it’s easy for some.
i don’t know how it happened? how i got to this point?
but i needed a way out; i was stuck in a ploy.
i needed another path or i’d self destruct
i was down on my luck; my head was so f-cked!
a menace rollin’ the streets is what i was
holdin’ my heat and rollin’ with the serious thugs
you couldn’t tell me a thing, i was like my brother,
words went in one ear and out the other.
slangin’ and bangin’ – with a chip on my shoulder.
“an insane, hit the brain! ” [echoes] certified street soldier!
so close to the grave, [echoes] (oh!)
you at an early age, can’t tell you the price i’ve paid!

[chorus: mike shinoda]
oh the sky overhead, it’s like – a canvas of grey.
i don’t know how much time i’ll be given to stay.
from the first spring of light, ’til the end of the day
i’m just livin’ my life, ’til they come carry me away!

[sen dog + (mike shinoda):]
i’ve been there in la nights in the block where i came up
my pops used to hate when we hanged with them bangers.
guess he knew one day that we’ll become us
that’s just how it is when you live where we come from. [echoes]
“fight, don’t run! ” is the motto we live by
get ’em on the ground and stomp a mind about ten times!
sure we was just kids back then
i had no remorse for what we did back then. [echoes]
six of us, one call, we’d all pack in
hit the strip, and go and get the sh-t crack in!
gun wars, and drug deals, i seen ’em happen.
when i started losin’ homeboys, i wasn’t laughin’! [echoes]
i looked all around and seen none of ’em there!
that’s when i figured out – that n-body cared!
if we lived or die; we’ll just get high and ride (oh!)
and i wasn’t gonna let this happen one more time!


my mother would stand for me every step of the way
she did not judge me! she told me i’d win some day!
when i was at my lowest – when i had no focus
she pulled me out the gutter, said i wasn’t hopeless
every night she prayed for me i was out on the street
chillin’ on the corner with the hand on my heat!
eyes open wide for the pigs and foes
it’s an every day hazard when you hustle for dough!
so many nights i didn’t come home, she thought the worst
maybe somebody shot me down without any remorse.
maybe i hurt somebody and i was stuck in a cell
well i regret all those time that i put her through h-ll!
when i reflect back on those days, my heart aches
and everybody i lost or let down, i wish i could take it
all back and make it better but i can’t, so i try to make amends
and be there, through thick and thin!


[bridge: mike shinoda]
come carry me away!
come carry me away!
come carry me away!
come carry me away!

- cypress hill testo

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