cunabear – cloak&soap&dagger testo

attendere prego...

this is the menace to society’s cultural expo grand opening where we learn to sculpt human emotions into marble using only rotting innards

with one grand pig to lead a farm of the harmless into harmful pigs themselves
i think you should rough draft a new dogma with a little less restriction
the regular viewing cast hasn’t tuned in yet but it won’t be long before they’ve got their flesh upon their flesh

who would’ve ever thought a body could be bought and sold in 50 different ways?

grandfather your way into the existential hidden meaning
it’s essential

my achey-breaky skin sack is deteriorating fast

who am i to question humans but a human
i’m the -ss-ssin of all merry men
i’m the dark side of mars sending distress signals near and far in copious amounts with hope that the chicks on earth are a little more intuitive

and i’m kind of new at this

undeniably a prodigy at exposing the very worst of me
i’m too flawed to mentor you in how to survive the world
when you’ve been leeched of all your positive traits it’s probably for the best if you close your eyes and wait

euthanize who you thought you were with the resolve to shed your clothes like an old unused persona
snake skin garments
show the young ones how it’s done
silence the enemy with silence of your own
use cloak, soap, & dagger to tear your vessel from the world

it’s never better when you don’t question what you know

materials to build a tower to the gods are in short supply
burn your own skin on smoldering h-llfire as if it’s something we all achieved as a team
archive your romanticism until you feel you’re prepared and then sever all ties, iron out the bugs, patch yourself up and prepare for the flash flood

ash your cigarette in the cracked skull of your latest lover and let them know you were cancerous all along

i can’t handle this relentless mental micro management
my stamina’s not high enough to fill lungs with air to breathe
so entice me with your tendencies
a reflection on the best of me
abbreviation for the worst of me
tell yourself it’s just a dream

just don’t ignore it

- cunabear testo

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