cormega – the true meaning testo

attendere prego...

(girls singing chorus x2)

out there, (out there, out there)
in the street you know, (in the street you know)
i’m strugglin’, (strugglin’)
trying to survive…

(verse 1)
people feeling my pain, a mental bond shared
been through so many struggles only to persevere
remember when we hustled, knowing the 1st was near
that’s when that money doubled, then we purchased gear
now was it worth my trouble? it was my first career
the only life i knew, there’s no regrets or fears
yo son i reminisce this ghetto life and she’d a tear
for my n-gg-s who walkin’ up heaven stairs
i met men in penitentiaries
who been down so long they barely miss the street
if you real hold your own son, lay your law
my inner visions are revealed so i say no more
my man said it ain’t a game so i play no more
whether you rap or bust gats, lay your law
f-ck that, if you touch crack save up, your story
can be reduced to jail suits and war stories
keep the way my pen speaks words my mouth envy
i’m hoping holy water could cleanse me
d’s wanted to apprehend me
if i affected your life in any way trife
when i was doing crime forgive me

(chorus x2)

(verse 2)
exquisitely i write
tales of hand to hand sales which cause three to life
when all else fails some people seek jesus christ
some relax to the seductive mystique of the pipe
and be back inside the same cell they left
it’s sort of like h-ll or death
except we still here breathin’ in the flesh receiving respect
yet, being stressed cus we threats to society
solutions are real, problems are in varieties
i try to be, thinking of ways to get paid
my realness engraved from the cradle to the grave
mega, thug for ever
my departure from drugs could never
sever what i learned, or respect i earned
yo my status alone surp-sses your own
known for blastin’ my chrome
and have on my own
n-gg-s fradulent, i wish there was a law against
the sort of sh-t these rappers talk and never even thought exist
when i was young i used to, huslte for jordan kicks
as i matured i did it for a brick
be cautionious the price is up and down like the new york knicks
i got o.g. respect and a new four fifth, cus…

(chorus x3)

- cormega testo

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