christopher sean – brother, talk to me testo

attendere prego...

he’s a king in his own mind
still the queen’s so hard to find
standing there stuck in a crazy pose
dilapidated david with a half ripped rose
o man where’d you look today?
isn’t it getting a little hard to pray?
with your prospects as good as gone
and everybody’s asking what drug you’re on
but it’s o.k. you have a right to be

whatever you want, but brother talk to me

cuz i’ve got an ear, been there before
and even if my girl isn’t walking out the door
that doesn’t mean i can’t relate
with a heart growing hard and learning to hate
so let’s have a talk, straight from the heart
you know that’s where all the big steps start
and it’s not hopeless, you’re not alone
what’s it going to take to break the heart of stone
that has you standing there like a petrified tree?

what is it brother? just talk to me

yes it’s true, just as i said
no it’s not true you’d be better off dead
there are many good things coming your way
just as sure as the night is followed by day
so look to the stars or the shimmering sea

what is it brother? just talk to me

- christopher sean testo

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