christina aguilera – obvious testo

attendere prego...


can you hear it in my voice
was it something i let slip
does the whole world know
isn’t it obvious?

i’m the one who’s in control
now i’m acting like a fool
do my feelings show?
is my face aglow?
isn’t it obvious?

that i don’t know what i’m doing anymore
i’m feeling like a little girl
caught up in emotions
i’m out of control
isn’t it obvious?

do you see my hands, they tremble
wonder why i can’t look you in the eyes
don’t know how long
i can keep this inside
isn’t it obvious?

[repeat chorus]

suddenly these emotions are in control of my heart
can you see it in my eyes
every glance, every smile
must give me away
and i feel so much i can’t hide

- christina aguilera testo

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