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chris webby – ransom testo

attendere prego...

(feat. knowledge)

what’s goin in on em knodge
you already know
yo keep that vaporizer plugged
in though you already know
i’m be back there in a second
i’m sorry mom i had to do it to em
i mean uhhh yeah yo

i’m a hard one to get along
and get on a song
while i’m smokin that godzilla
and battlin king kong
straddlin lovely women
and doin my thing hard
eatin rappers on my diet
with a nutragrain bar
ashor with the same car
smoke bud out the same jar
and get higher then a f-ckin quazar
i am a senior to these rappers
never a jr and stay rollin like a cart
though the isles of kmart
spit it with flava
don’t work but play hard
i’m on my sp-ce ship about to invade mars
any opposition, i’m embarrision
alergic to wack
so if you steppin to me
i’ll need a clariton
rappin straight heroin
no one can compare to him
spittin flames like arrogon
canada to maryland
brazil to alaska
they know me as a rapper
stay fly just turned in
my applications to nasa
roarin like mufasa
eligible bachelor
your girls like a slice of
cheese all up on this cracka
phenomenal flow bein better
than webby is non probable
if it’s even possible yo
rockin a show droppin it
my brain moves very slow
comin around like havin s-x on a mary-go
killin any scenario with my main adam generio
whos had faith in me since the beginning
so there we go here we go
and i’m back on a beat
and fact i’m a be i’m actually
gradually growin up, rollin up
a bag of the weed dope as f-ck
hittin em up like kimbo b-tch
swollen nuts hangin down lower
than a limbo stick
i get it crackin get your
windows fixed
so try to run i’m a catch em like we
playin sharks and minnows b-tch
ya’ll can’t see me like a blind mouse
i’m a bad boy just got off a time out
this is my house you’ll get
beat without a doubt
cause ya’ll are sittin ducks
like daffy on a couch
i get them punch lines know
what i’m a f-ckin bout
haters need to get them self
some scissor b-tch cut it out
i’m a f-ckin grouch no oscar
music runnin in my veins
learned it from my father
hoe don’t even i’m back to chokin ya
that’s why they scared of web like arachnophobia.
ha ha

and he’s back, knowledge
officially changin my name to
danimal lector, body collector
and you are about to get broken
in like a new clutch
your rocklin with them two f-cks
who killed white noise
them white boys not the klu klux
don’t get it screwed up i’m too tough
built like a mother f-ckin gi joe
minus the crew cut
holdin a huge douch swollen
like it jucied up
i’m dolblin like dude what
i don’t p-ss after two puffs
two words i never heard “you suck”
like labron fadin away with
the j better suit up
i’m reinvented litterally
listn to the differences
now i got my green grow
call me photosynthesis
i wrote a song about it
and it goes something like this
my d-cks at the top of your
chicks christmas list
so b-tch let’s get it poppin
like acne, as we
tag team this rap game tag me
and i’ll gladly jump in and swing
for the fences relentless
so if you wanna step bring your
dentist or catch a death sentence
my work place tramendas and the cronic
super sonic on some shawn kemp sh-t
i’m a problem matter of fact i’m grimmy
like mad max i’ve been a bad-ss since the 90’s
flashback finally people start to recognize
that i’m the sh-t.com back slash try me
f-ggot -ss your solved in the add to that tiny
push your eyes in traps back try and find me
i’m high so don’t mind me
danimal to cosminot lodipop
sh-t hits hard i call it ronnie lott
kicks like a karate shot
my d-cks like a shotty c-ck
ready to bang and your chicks like oh my god he’s hot
no sh-t b-tch
ha ha
what up webby!

- chris webby testo

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