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theraflu (freestyle)

my bank account telling me to calm down
the billboards telling me to climb down
ha, n-gg-s pillow talking, let me find out
could give a f-ck about later b-tch i’m on now
ha, you know the shine is what i do though
b-tch, you know i’m flexing about a necklace and a 2 do’
monday in the rolly, tuesday in the hublot
rnb killing rap n-gg-s, that’s just what i do though

these n-gg-s is lame, they always complain and doing the same sh-t
get all up on twitter, tryna get followers, sucking the same dâ¡ck
i’m tired of these n-gg-s, tired of arguing over the same b-tch
n-gg-s funny like comics, i’m wealthy n-gg-, i ain’t rich
my sh-t be up in galleries, a million when i paint b-tch
pop records bought me this ferrari, that’s a lane switch
switch it up on you n-gg-s watch my number change
grown up on you n-gg-s, yeah my number changed

hit-boy, all these rappers wasting beats
i bought all my clique toys, ain’t no n-gg-s wasting heat
yeah i cop that big noise, aka i’m tnt
i blow that sh-t up, get up
cause boy you can’t get rid of
don’t f-ck with my old b-tch, it’s like a bad fur
every industry n-gg- done had her
trick or treat like a pumpkin just to smash her
b-tches breaking codes, but i’m the p-ssword

now it’s time for young n-gg-s to shut down sh-t
if you yapping in the club then you surrounded
they say he tripping, on some greyhound sh-t
he didn’t listen, now he listening to the ground b-tch
put him out, he’s sleeping
with all the sneakers on his chest, he barely breathing
like it’s lights out, he took a beating
hand on his chest, holding his heart, pledge of allegiance
d-mn, his b-tch cold, need a theraflu
took ‘em shopping, bought ‘em 1500 pair of shoes
ha, theraflu
i’m a cold -ss n-gg-, f-ck you!

- chris brown testo

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