chris brown – real hip hop shit #3 testo

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“real hip hop sh-t #3”

leather jacket, relaxing
the movie scenes i’m acting
these rappers practice
i’m at the plate, enough to bat b-tch
fully smoking locomotive, n-gg-, f-ck an adlib
in the club celebrating cause i’m self promoted
is it a fire? cause the crowd smoking!
big will, she off a pill.. rollin
you know a country n-gg- hungry
waffle house? open!
but they too broke to pay their bills
so they’re freeloading
but it’s cool, sit down
you know that n-gg- rich?
girl his name.. chris brown
his chain’s so ugly that it makes a b-tch frown
i’m serving all these n-gg-s
but who ordered hash browns?
n-gg-, i be like.. yeah i got the check
and i just paid your bills, so.. yes
i want some s-x
hah! but first, can i kiss your neck?
and i’mma work you out
so you ain’t gotta stretch
hold up! let me slow up
impregnate your beat, i make that b-tch blow up
i eat all i can eat
until a n-gg- throw up
i tell that dj “ay! pull up, pull up”
man, i’m so sick of these lame motherf-ckas
a n-gg-’s still sh-tting on the game, motherf-cka
old n-gg-s as the world change, m-th-f-ckas
y’all n-gg-s still being the same m-th-f-cka?
who else, dawg?
look, let me go in, then i count more ends
my tints 11, and your friends in my benz
the engine on that viper 220
and it’s green in the trunk, but that’s new money
watch.. frank mueller, my ruger
cut that sh-t — fire. i just shot my jeweler!
another hundred racks just to make my chain a cooler
off that four loco, out of my medulla
wow! i be seeing dead people
dead prezzies my besties
n-gg-, we are not equal
how you get the big picture
looking from a peephole?
my real n-gg-s in the back, but
“he ain’t talking to me tho!”
i know you mad cause i afford it
tmz, i’m wiping my -ss, so stop recording
supposedly a singer, can’t do hip-hop
but i just killed this sh-t, so let the
sh-t rock

- chris brown testo

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