chino xl – night of the blood spiller testo

attendere prego...

– released in the days before “here to save you all”
(send all questions about this song to the typist)

[sample] alright. now which one of these puerto ricans bloodied you?
[shout] chinooo!!!

now who makes the blood spill?
and who keeps the sh-ts real?
(repeat 2x)

chorus: (repeat 4x)
chino xl!!
the high yellow blood spiller.

verse 1:
dark night of the blood spiller, n-gg-s leaking from red shots
drippin it’s from the shots it’s the grim reaper
that’s when you think opportunity knocks
now battling chino xl your -ss get’s flowed !??!?!

yo, yo, yo, hold up man, chill out, yo, yo, get this off right here

you better get away get away i think i need a shrink
i’ll rip out your windpipes forever you’ll lip-sync
chino xl with the maddest baddest fattest status
?!?! pretty as a ?!?! but in the fist i can still get busy
the sight of blood it makes me h-rny
don’t believe me then try to roll on me
don’t question my story i’m not tywanna brawly
blasting me getting it out working it out like jane fonda
i really rip the pope and that so f-ck sinaid o’conner
like matt cobra i flex it you ?!?! get it scizophrenic
i have to kill you m-th-f-ckas backwards i’m dyslexic
flowing you to a different world like quincy hardison please!
leave ’em punch-drunk like muhammad ali, g
you be like “yo adrian!” mugged up like rocky
i’m getting rid of n-gg-s like a n-gg-r-hating n-z-
and this is how the cops kill
when i drill your head with nails like h-llraiser
chino xl wont go out like d.u.s.f.l.
“your n-gg- chino was a sucker back in the day” you told some reporter
yeah and michael jackson got a skin disorder
i’m from the street don’t play me like i’m knowledge
you can still get shot up by a n-gg- looking like de’barge


verse 2:
beating and bludgening you with any object that’s blunt
illest n-gg- i like watching elderly people f-ck
i’m a famous gang rapist !??!?! like i’m richard lisson
man don’t try to cross me like i’m the verezzano bridge
hitting n-gg-s off like i’m from san quintin
getting my d-ck sucked
on the cover of source magazine by hillary clinton
i got mad body parts scattered all over my kitchen and in my fridge
give me a knife i’m making you squeel like a pig
don’t try to sleep on chino xl because my d-cks is ?!?!?!
i’m treating you like the president i’ll smoke you but i don’t inhale
banned from mtv for what i said about jennifer levins case
still my brain’s twisted like mary b-tterfucco’s face
your girl’s time of the month you like “you ain’t all h-rny dummy”
but i’m the blood spiller so yo i’m thinking “yummy yummy!”
they call me the blood spiller that don’t mean my blood gets spilt
but i paint the graphic scenes of tragic deaths that gives you chills
half puerto rican half black, man you don’t speak spanish
i don’t speak african neither
-gun shot-
now that’s my language
my lead made your head spin like the exorcist
the good news is i shot you but the bad news is your -ss lived
i can create something from nothing like a magician
i use the occult and black magic to escape from my position
they say i don’t get my props my companies mistreating me
i’ll answer that in a ?minute? cuz satan keeps on beeping me


verse 3:
blood! rising like a flash flood enough to fill a bath-tub
just check out the lines on the rug after the body’s drug
slug, since he made smith n wessun i give god thanks
just ask bruce lee’s son – “chino never shoot blanks”
now when i was a young……
-background sounds overwhelm the lyrics for 1 or 2 lines-
little caligula indocked the fame but after dracula
though i may be booed i view charles manson as spectacular
i advocate domestic violence and think it’s funny
slapping up the stuck up b-tch called hip-hop
cuz she f-cking owe me money
and if my company tries to play me for my ?ude?
then i get red and dead i’m leaving them dead
i’m slapping the yamika’s off they head
yo people come follow me now and i ?!!? like padding your lies
after me satanical maniacal devil worshipping
upside down cross p-wn portion evil triple six m-th-f-ck heaven
wish i was woody allen i’ll try to molest sonia brevin
-i make the blood spill!- right to my last breath
i make the blood spill til i avenge tracy’s death
whipping you like a b-tch with no t-ts if i get my mits on ya’
you’re feeling f-cked now your jaw’s playing tricks on ya’
i got no love for those who saw me scar me and harm me
it’s war i ain’t going out like that purple dinosaur barney
i stab you! you stab me!
we’re a waco family!

chorus x3

- chino xl testo

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