chinese man & tumi – jungle boogie testo

attendere prego...


welcome to the land of the free
put your feet up in the p-ssenger seat
i be chief driver to african dreams
vintage impalas run in the street
you might see violence when the lions feed
keep quiet while inside the safari jeep
snap your pics and ask me things
i’ll tell you one plus one equals
fat cat sh-t big five attractions
you don’t even gotta leave your house for the action
so… introducing the new and improved
n-gguh i’ll coon for you in a gucci suit
-ss backwards upside down like bat sh-t
well adjusted jackets
double breasted standards
punctuated with a verse and stanza
til the godd-mn king of the jungle
advances like

and he’s so no-nonsense
think about a ichabod crane
and his horseman
head first off with it
they stay walking still
so the torso also get divorced innit?
but he livid cuz he living needing heimlich maneuver
and jack spittin i’m the ruler run lyric
undo all the untruths lie different
that’s side two of a vinyl that’s not spinning
haiku got the right to transmit it
so i too get spectacular ad libbing
nice sentence
do more than mandela’s
with anthemic street flows like venice
in italics i tell it, by letters
when the dynamic vibe get ’em
it’s magnetic
sold to the gentlemen in the nice leathers
who stroll through the valley looking for adventure
old as ancestors
taught through coded hand gestures
bad mannered intransigents
bon voyage capitan
we’ve arrived where life began


mes enfants, mes amis, mes camarades
vous aimez la musique
puisque vous avez disposé ce disque sur cette appareil
alors je vous demande tout simplement
connaissez vous ce que vous venez d’entendre ?

- chinese man tumi testo

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