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childish gambino – i’m alright testo

attendere prego...

“i’m alright”

this is exactly what i wanted
all my fans love me
dad is proud of me
momma cries for me
cause she know there ain’t sleep in my schedule
having nightmares that i’m the black heath ledger
sleep when i’m dead
these voices in my head
got me waking up at 4 just so i can write instead
and my friends come and ask me if it’s worth it
i tell them that it better be, i did this sh-t on purpose
the worst is being worthless
now a n-gg- priceless
bloomingdale’s coat, i don’t have to check the prices
but i only go to feel a sense of control
cause i get this sh-t for free if i wear promotional
and i’m not emotional
when i do my work
i get emotional when i order that dessert
cause she always ate dessert
and i deserted her
but i refuse to compromise career for a girl
cause this music and this writing and this acting is my soul
and if i let it go, there’d be no one left to know
being happy is the goal, but greatness is my vision
and all these girls are thinking they compete with my ambition
but baby i am different
this sh-t is my life
and if you don’t believe me, you can never be wife
i’m walking in this darkness and i’m tryna find a light
and i’d rather die than be average and chances are i might, because

things are changing, my life’s gone pecans
thirteen cities in the last eight weekends
all i know is baby i’m so tired
record on monday, tape on tuesday
i ain’t slowing down i don’t care what you say
f-ck this health thing, momma i’m alright

- childish gambino testo

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