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chiddy bang – talking to myself testo

attendere prego...

talking to myself

if you ever see me talking to myself
i’m just running through the words i have to say to you
is it over, or is it too soon to tell?
i’m just trying not push myself away from you

[verse 1:]
i know we arguing, i know we fight a lot
you always think i’m wrong, i think i’m right a lot
and when you see me don’t i always make your day
you from bk, but you can’t always have it your way
she wanna hit the city, ripping the mall
i always seem to be busy, she expecting my call
the fast life could make us happiest, upsettin’ us all
cause all the anniversaries, forgettin’ ’em all
but don’t be mad, love, i know where it’s at love
she jolie but it’s pitiful, that’s that brad love
what happens when it all goes wrong, we was nice, generosity
and impossibly enough, it’s animosity
i think i gotta just change up my game plan
cause she ain’t gon’ fall back in love with the same man
but no matter what weather or what the rain bring
in the end i’m coming back for the same thing


[verse 2:]
yeah, shorty just vanished on me
she disappeared and yet i do not have no damage on me
some times i feel she’s a burden i can’t manage on me
she say i’m c-cky cause i got all of the cameras on me
but is it my fault, or is it your self-esteem?
and got you feelin like you’re a prisoner to my dream
parents just don’t understand, and neither do y’all
you wanna hype me up and leave me there but i don’t blue ball
and i say blue ball, cause let me tell you what them guys will teach you any day
and then you left but f-ck it i don’t need you anyways
the mentality of love gone wrong, yeah
to work it out but we just don’t get along, yeah
i know it’s messed up, we all, affected
tryin to get through, and the call, rejected
ain’t that a shame, if i was ever close to your fragile frame
i’d be looking for the words, playing scrabble games


now everybody say [x2]

[hook x2]

- chiddy bang testo

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